Top Five Locksmith Myths and How to Avoid a Security Nightmare

Misconception: all locksmiths use the same products.

No. just like everything in this world there are good products and some bad products. There are excellent precision locks and there are low grade locks. And you will only get what you pay for. So, if you will pay for quality locks then you will get quality performance and if you cut corners use cheap locks, they will properly not last very long and will perform poorly if attacked.

Misconception: all locksmiths give you the same service.

No. there are some of the locksmiths those who have no sense of urgency and there are some of the locksmiths those who are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. It’s a big matter that who you call when you in need someone who can be trusted to perform his services with integrity and professionalism. Locksmith By Me gives you variety of services in every kind of difficult situation.


Misconception: all locksmiths are licensed and certified by the state so you think they are all honest and qualified.

Wrong. There are many states in which there is no licensing law for locksmiths. So in these types of states anyone can open a business and call themselves a Locksmith. So it is very important to check the qualifications, reputation, reliability and ability of the company with whom you are going to business with.  Check that how long they are in business, can they give you the reference, are they factory certified and what is the limit of liability insurance? Is the business built on referrals from the satisfied clients or from constant, high priced advertising necessitated from lack of referrals?

Misconception: it is not important to use a locksmith who has a store open to the public.

Wrong. If you are calling a locksmith sunnyisles who works out of his car but has no shop, you can have no one to go back to if there is a problem. It is very difficult for you to find out that where he lives and try to meet him at a convenient time. You don’t know what you are getting into if you do not do business with legitimate company who has the permanent business with convenient business hours.

Misconception: all locksmiths guarantee their products and workmanship.

Wrong. There are many companies those offer no warranty. So, if you have to call them again then there is a charge for the recall. But the company which is professional they offer one year warranty on their product and material.